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Gold Package : 799 Euro*

One camera man

3 HD cameras
Professional audio recorders
Bridal preparations at their house / location ( If Required )
Guest arriving shots ( Subject to time after cover bridal makeup )
Bride and Bridesmaids entrance ( car inside and out )
Ceremony - All the major parts
Greetings in full
Filming Post photo shoots and Reception Drinks 
Speeches & First Dance ( till 10.30 pm )
WEDDING HIGHLIGHTS Cinematic Documentary
Max. 5-10 mnts long
Up to 2 hrs long Fully edited Wedding Film
in 3 HD like DVD's
and a USB key with all edited HD files
In a special giftbox 
* Updated rate for New Bookings only
with the effect from 01-04-2019


Diamond Package : 1150 Euro

2 Cinematographers
Multi-cameras and lenses
Professional audio recorders
Bridal preparations at their house / location

Can Cover Grooms Preparations if its near by Brides location.
Creative shots of Church inside and out, flowers and all decorations will be covered.

Guest arriving shots and all the special moments before ceremony will cover
GROOM and Groomsmen arrival, entrance to church, and inside church will be covered.

Bride and Bridesmaids entrance | Filming all Photo shoots before the Ceremony

Full Ceremony
Meet & Greet in full
Cover Post photo-shoots
Reception, drinks session, guest messages ( if available ) and Cake cut

Speeches and 10-15 minutes of dance ( till 10.30 pm )

Drone Coverage ( If weather permitting )

( Max. 10 minutes long )
Up to 2.30 hrs long Fully edited Wedding Film
4 HD like DVD’s with printed cover, labels and graphics
1 USB Stick ( Includes all edited HD video files )
All those in a special gift box
Cost Extras
Extra time - After 11.00 pm - Must pay 100 euro for another hour. Maximum stay till 12.00 am.
Travel cost - Free for 150 km* Then reasonable patrol fares only. 


Silver Package: 550 Euro

One Cinematographer 
2 HD cameras & Professional Audios
Starts from church/Ceremony
Covering all major moments
from Ceremony to Speeches before the meal
Speeches before the meal ( till 7.00 pm )
Professionally Fully edited Video upto 1.30 hr
1 personalised USB stick
Cinematic Video Highlights ( 5 minutes long )
All in beautiful gift pack